interfaceing 2021

Pandemics & Plagues, Languages & Literatures 



  • OCTOBER 2nd
  • Plenary (morning)

  • 4A

  • 4B

  • 4C

  • Plenary (afternoon)

  • 5B

  • 5C

  • 6A

  • 6B

  • 6C



  • 7A

  • 7B

  • 8A

  • 8B

  • Plenary (afternoon)

  • 9A

  • 9B

  • 9C

  • SESSION 1B K van Schaik's title is changed into "Development and application of ancient physicians' diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies in the writing of plague histories: the Athenian, Antonine, and Justinianic plagues"
  • SESSION 8B Herrad Heselhaus  has withdrawn from the conference
  • SESSION 2B Ilana Shilo has withdrawn from the conference
  • SESSION 5A CANCELLED The contributors in Session 5A have informed us that due to health reasons they are obliged to withdraw from our conference. The session will no longer be available for registration, and we will contact those who have already registered, so that they may register for an alternative session.