Call for Papers for Issue 3 (June 2017)

Submission Deadline: Nov. 30, 2016

The Aesthetic of the Other – Critical Thoughts on Intercultural Communication


The third issue of interface will be titled The Aesthetic of the Other – Critical Thoughts on Intercultural Communication. Communication between different cultures has always been a difficult issue due to the inability of individuals of a certain culture to relate to customs foreign to their own cultural system and experience. Misunderstandings and, in many cases, violent conflicts have erupted as a result of such a failed communication. The mechanisms behind these intercultural conflicts are as old as mankind itself. Foreign cultural elements are often regarded as less valuable, strange, or even dangerous and are, therefore, ostracized and, in many cases, used as examples of inferiority to one’s own culture. History is full of examples of such a view on foreign cultures from earliest documented antiquity to the modern world of the twenty-first century. Apart from the obvious problems that arise when dealing with foreign cultures, it is worth noting that, as a positive side effect, foreign cultural elements can also enrich both participants in the process of intercultural communication through introducing foreign cultural elements into a different cultural system. This issue will publish papers exploring the area of Art, Music, Literature, Architecture and their role in cross-cultural communication. The fields covered include cultural semiotics, philosophy, social sciences, ethics, education, linguistics, architecture, music, visual art, media studies, psychology, religious studies, and others.


interface is inviting original unpublished papers written in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian for interface Issue 3 which is scheduled to be published in June, 2017. Papers can be submitted online at

The deadline for paper submissions is November 30, 2016.

Guest Editor: Dr. Christian Hein