Poetry and Transculturality in Asia and Europe – The Material World

Christian Soffel, Serafima Tsung-huei Hsiung


The main focus of interface issue 12 is “Poetry and Transculturality in Asia and Europe —The Material World”, which is a continuation of the general theme in interface issue 10. The foundation to both journal volumes was laid during the International Symposium “Poetry and Transculturality in Asia and Europe”, held in Taipei at Taiwan University in February 2019, organized jointly with the Center for Advanced Studies “Russian Poetry in Transition” (FOR 2603) at Trier University. In addition to exploring the function and value of poetic language (prose is not excluded) as the main expression of transcultural activities, the articles in issue 12 examine in depth the emerging tendency of exo­phonic writing and multilingualism in the field of current poetry. The new challenge in this issue is to discuss the reproducible relationship between language/words and external things or —in other words— the material world.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6667/interface.12.2020.115


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