Cultural Contact, Innovation and Tradition

Matthias Alexander Fechner, Chieh Chien


The current issue of Interface focuses on the fields of tension between tradition and innovation. Thus, it reflects the topic of the Interfaceing Conference in Trier, which was held at the beginning of October 2022: “Telling Innovations and Tradition. East and West.” Even the formal organization of the conference showed where we stand today. After the pandemic – natural focus of the previous issue 19 – scholars from East and West met again, for the first time in situ, at Trier University. They listened to the lectures in the seminar rooms, discussed their positions in the autumn sun, explored, quite incidentally, the ancient (Roman) city. At the same time, a number of colleagues who otherwise would not have been able to participate were connected via zoom. Ten years ago, this was considered barely feasible. The term hybrid conference was virtually unknown. Nevertheless, we are wondering: How do we fathom the advantages and disadvantages of digital academia properly? Is this merely a temporary phenomenon? If not, in which direction will we develop communicatively, thus scientifically, hence (and ultimately) socially? And which factors are driving or impeding this development? The current issue of Interface is not yet able to provide conclusive answers to these questions, but it does offer some pertinent suggestions. The topics are structured from practice to theory, from the material-historical to the intellectual-historical ...


Education Studies; Economics; Literature; Confucianism; Chinese, Korean and Japanese History

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