Post-Truth & Cyberspace

Zoya Rezanova, Olga Sologub


This issue of 'Post-Truth & Cyberspace' journal talks about the problem of post-truth, which was announced as one of the central problems at the 10th International Symposium on European Languages in South-East Asia (the Tenth International Symposium on European Languages in East Asia: Didactics, Literature, Culture and Translation of European Languages) held in the National Taiwan University on 15-16 November, 2019.

The problem of post-truth has become extremely acute in our hyperinformation age due to the rapid development of various information flows creating virtual not relevant to reality interpretation of facts and events and meant to manipulate public consciousness in someone's interests. These processes have become global nowadays. All this has lead to the fact that the issue of post-truth is not that narrow, local any more - it has acquired global inter-disciplinary nature and made an impact upon the formation and development of the newest approaches to studying present-day philological issues  aimed at understanding of new discoursive practices and primarily the discourse of lies.

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